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After Being Hurt in an Automobile Accident

Discover the 9 Massive Major Mistakes Accident Victims Make After being Involved in an Accident.

One of Miami Valley’s Top Health Care and Accident Experts Reveals Closely Guarded Breakthrough Recovery Secrets…

If you’re frustrated and tired of the aches and pains you experience from an automobile accident - thinking that the pain will go away - but it just continues to bother you - then this FREE Special Report is for you.

I have finally figured out a way to get to the people that have been in an accident and are thinking that it makes sense to "wait and see" if it will get better on its own - rather than getting your problem checked right away. I have had hundreds of people that come into the office months after an accident and are still having problems - they just thought it would get better on its own.

I understand - it does seem to make sense - but then- you have to deal with the insurance company from the other side that says - "If they were really hurt, then why didn't they go to the doctor?"

Honestly - That's a pretty good argument. But, some people really DO think it will clear up - and it, in fact, gets worse - and now they really are in a mess. Now they are really hurt from an automobile accident and nobody seems to want to believe that the accident caused the problem.

Without the real facts, it can be extremely difficult to understand what sort of action should be taken at this point.

And on top of that - sometimes people just do not know what is wrong with them or what kind of doctor to see. And if you are hurt - you sure do not know if you need an attorney or not. Here is what we know - You can always get an attorney - and we know some of the best ones to work with because we see how they treat our own patients.

What makes sense first is to find out what is wrong with you and see if we can help you. If we think we can help you - we will tell you so. If we do not think we can help you - we will get you to another medical specialist that we work with on a daily basis and get you in to see them pronto.

Take a look at this amazing low-speed live occupant rear-end collison video. NOW - you can see why even a low-speed accident can cause injury to your body. No - you are NOT crazy if you hurt after an accident like this. You can get a significant injury from this type of accident. And you need to be examined to see if you can be helped.

The intimidation of the victim by the insurance company goes away when you - the victim know the games they play. I really resisted having to tell you all this - but - the truth is - the insurance company will do almost anything it can to keep from paying you or paying for your care unless you have great documentation of your case and you know what is really going on with your care.

Attorneys love to work with us because, if you need an attorney, they can win - primarily on the way we keep your records.

Without someone to guide you through the healthcare treatment auto accident case maze - there seems to be no clear-cut action plan available to people to explain the truth about how to proceed in getting proper care after an accdient.

I want to change that by providing to you some exact steps to help you to know what kind of health care you might need - or what referral you might need. I have been in practice taking care of people invloved in personal injury and auto accident cases since 1980 - yes I know - that is a long time.

I want to provide you with some revealing action steps to take - to take back your rightful health status. Here are just a few things you’ll discover in my Free Special Report Entitled:

"Nine Massive Major Mistakes Accident Victims Make After being Involved in an Accident."

    In this Special Victims Report you will learn about :

  • What kind of an examination is very important in a personal Injury case
  • How fast should you get an examination so you do not increase your injury?
  • Why "waiting to see if it gets better on it's own", may keep you from getting any care at all.
  • Should you report to the insurance company?
  • Should you see someone that "does a lot of personal injury cases" - an "expert".
  • Should you "give statements" to the other insurance company before you get an exam?
  • What is the one thing that has to be in the doctor's report to make sure you get your care
    paid for by the responsible party?
  • Why being a particular "gender" can get you injured much more.
  • Why pain medication can "help you" or "hurt you" depending on this factor.
  • Why we focus on getting rid of the pain first - but why our approach is very diferent.
  • The one factor that can greatly reduce your treatment time and cost of your care.
  • Why you should NOT base your seriousness of injury on how much your car was damaged.
  • Why one of the first things bad insurance companies want to do is give you money - before you see a doctor and before you get any treatment.
  • How you can get your care most of the time for free - or greatly reduced cost.
  • Why knowing what is urgent and what is important after an accident is critical to your best outcome.
  • Why the "Fear Factor" in our office is just not needed or beneficial.
  • Our Special Accident Victims Report is provided to you at no charge. Why? To be honest - when you see the great information in this report - you will begin to see that you will be able to much more easily navigate through the maze of steps and actions that are required after an automobile accident.

    My policy for over 40 years of help Car Crash Victims has always been - "If I can help you I will tell you so - If I cannot help you - I will get you to someone that can."

    I'm Dr. Robert B. Sheely - Chiropractic Physician - and I have owned my own practice since 1980. I am located in Middleotown, Ohio. I have continued to study and find better ways to care for victims of automoble accidents that will bring them back to health as fast as possible.

    You need this immediate special accident victims report so you can better know how to regain your health that may have been changed - sometimes in a awful instant.

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    Introducing ... My Free Special Accident Victims Report that I have just begun to
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